Does Your Baby Have A Birth Defect Caused By Zofran? Call A Lawyer For Help

A pregnant woman should be able to trust the recommendation of her obstetrician, and shouldn't have to worry about doing something that could potentially harm her child that her obstetrician said was safe. If you took Zofran throughout your pregnancy to deal with the nausea, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. If your child had noticeable birth defects at the time of delivery and you are noticing more problems as they grow, you shouldn't feel like you're to blame.

When There Are Multiple Negligent Parties In An Auto Accident

The culprit in a car accident isn't always the person you may think. In fact, it doesn't always have to be a person at all. Many things can cause a car accident. Sometimes there are multiple reasons for an accident. You need to understand this if you plan to pursue a claim. It can make a lot of difference to your case. Different Sources of Negligence Lead to Different Avenues of Compensation