Parent With Dementia In A Nursing Home? Signs They Have Been Emotionally Or Physically Abused

If your parent has dementia and they are in a nursing home, you need to learn the signs of abuse. This is because your parent will likely not remember what happened to them so would not be able to tell you. To help you out, below are some signs of emotional and physical abuse you can watch out for. If you see any of these signs, call a nursing home abuse attorney immediately as they can be a big help to you and your parent.

Maximum Medical Improvement: Why It Matters (And Why Your Attorney Isn't Doing Anything Yet About Your Claim)

It often takes people by surprise that when they've been injured in an accident due to someone else's negligence that their attorney doesn't rush to file any sort of court documents about the case. In fact, other than notifying any involved parties (like the insurance company of the person or company that caused your injury) that you now have representation, your attorney does a whole lot of waiting. This should help you understand why there's no rush--and why acting too soon could actually be to your detriment.

Who Pays When Someone Else Is Driving Your Car And Gets In An Accident?

Car insurance can be confusing enough on its own, but when it comes to someone else driving your car, it can be even more confusing trying to figure out what your coverage is. Here's what you need to know when an accident happens: Did You Give Permission To The Driver To Drive Your Vehicle? Whether someone had your consent to drive to begin with makes a difference in how things will be covered.

Personal Injury, Immigration Status, And You: How To Handle This Delicate Legal Matter

As someone who is applying legally for immigration status, you are probably very afraid of doing anything that could get you deported. It is unfortunate that you have to constantly live with this worry until you are a legal U.S. citizen, since there are many situations where you need help and are afraid to get it. For example, if you suffer a personal injury via a car accident or a work-related incident, you may be very worried about your immigration status.

How Many Years Of Experience Does A Personal Injury Or Auto Attorney Need?

When you're looking for a personal injury or auto accident attorney, one of the first things you're going to want to know is how much experience does he or she have.  When it comes to negotiating contracts, there's no replacement for experience, but it's hard to say exactly how many years of experience your lawyer should have because there are many other factors to consider.  Don't make the mistake of choosing a lawyer just because he or she has been in practice for a long time.