Does Your Baby Have A Birth Defect Caused By Zofran? Call A Lawyer For Help

A pregnant woman should be able to trust the recommendation of her obstetrician, and shouldn't have to worry about doing something that could potentially harm her child that her obstetrician said was safe. If you took Zofran throughout your pregnancy to deal with the nausea, you should contact a personal injury lawyer.

If your child had noticeable birth defects at the time of delivery and you are noticing more problems as they grow, you shouldn't feel like you're to blame. Instead, you should compile evidence and sit down for a legal consultation.

The Evidence

The evidence should be easy to gather. Get a list of the medications you took during pregnancy from your pharmacy, and the information of the doctor that prescribed you the medications. You will then want pictures of the birth defects that your child had, and diagnostic information from a pediatric doctor explaining what exact problems your child has, and that it is likely it's from the use of Zofran. The lawyer may contact the pediatric doctor later to get an exact detailed report on their diagnosis and cause for legal purposes.

The Medical Bills

The medical bills are most likely flooding in if your child needed extra care after birth. This is especially true if they needed surgery or therapy to deal with the defects. Call all of the medical facilities you go to and get printed statements of all your visits. This is so you can show all of the co-pays and expenses you've had to pay to deal with the problem. If your child needs future treatment as well, your lawyer may calculate these expenses into the settlement amount.

The Lawsuit

For the lawsuit the lawyer is going to contact the drug company and your obstetrician's office. You may have more than one case to file, to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. The medical facility and the drug company may decide to settle out of court, to avoid attracting the media. If not, you will present the case in a courtroom. 

It can be emotionally draining to find out that your child has a birth defect, especially when you worry that you caused this for your child. You should be compensated not only for your financial burdens, but also for the stress that has been put on your family, and for the struggles this may cause your infant. Call a lawyer like John Tamming Law Office and reach out for help today.