Traffic Situations To Avoid On Your Motorcycle To Prevent An Accident

Even though a motorcycle can be a whole lot of fun, they can also be incredibly dangerous. The biggest danger in being a motorcycle driver is the fact that not all drivers of passenger vehicles are paying close enough attention to see you. Because of this, your freedom to ride where you want can sometimes be limited. To avoid an accident, there are some situations you do not want to find yourself in on a motorcycle. 

Avoid traveling during periods of high traffic when you can. 

That backed up roadway that is always busy during rush hour, the intersection that is always so crowded, that one road everyone likes to take on their morning commute–all of these are examples of places you may want to avoid while on your motorcycle. In heavy traffic areas, you can find yourself surrounded with vehicles that are far larger than you and many of them may not be paying attention to the fact that you are around. If you have to take a different route at certain times of the day, it is well worth it to avoid an accident. 

Avoid traveling alongside semi trucks and large commercial vehicles. 

Sharing the roadways with semi trucks and other commercial vehicles is something you have to get used to as a driver of even a passenger vehicle. However, if you are on a motorcycle and find yourself traveling behind, alongside, or in between semi trucks, it is best to adjust your speed, change lanes, or pass the vehicles in order to stay safe. The drivers of these vehicles have major blind spots where they cannot see even regular vehicles, so the chances of them not seeing you on a bike are even greater. 

Avoid traveling on highways with many damages to the pavement. 

If you are traveling on a highway and the terrain starts to get rough, with loose gravel or tons of potholes, it is best to find another route. because these kinds of damaged surfaces can definitely mean you will have to slow your speed or maneuver to get around, this also means your driving behavior will be a little more unpredictable to the other drivers in cars and trucks around you, which could easily cause an accident. 

Making sure your motorcycle rides are safe is just a big part of being a responsible driver. However, if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident through no fault of your own, contact a motorcycle accident attorney for advice. Start with a firm such as The Jaklitsch Law Group.