After A Motorcycle Accident, Who Should You Take Action Against?

Being on a motorcycle can be exciting, but if you've recently been in an accident while on your bike, your trips may be over for some time. As you recover from the event, you may start to think about going to court in order to recoup the mounting medical and bike repair costs. However, knowing which person or party you should name as the defendant can be somewhat confusing. Here's some parties that could be at fault.

The Vehicle Driver

Obviously, the first person you may want to name in your lawsuit would be the person who was driving the vehicle that hit you. Erratic driving and improper turns on their part could be the reason that your collision occurred. If police arrived on the scene and completed a report about the accident, you may be able to refer to that report when naming the person who was driving the car or truck that hit you.

The Driver's Company

The driver may not be the only person who you could hold responsible for the collision you had. If you had an accident with a commercial vehicle, such as a delivery truck, it's possible that the company employing the driver could be one of the reasons the accident happened in the first place. The company may not have screened the driver properly when hiring them, for instance; past drug or alcohol abuse could have gone unnoticed. The company might have the driver working too many hours or failed to get proper vehicle inspections that led to problems causing your accident. Your attorney should be able to do the research needed to come to a conclusion about whether the company should be a defendant as well.

The Product Owner

If you were in an accident with a commercial vehicle, another party that could be at fault in this situation is the owner of products being driven about. For example, if the driver was transporting liquids in canisters that weren't properly secured, the liquids may have spilled and caused your accident. In that case, you may need to seek out the entity that owned the products being moved so you can name them in your suit as well.

One or all of these parties could end up being the defendant in your personal case. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will do some investigation and determine the best course of action going forward, so communicate often with them along the way.

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