Proving You Were Injured By Someone In A Bar Fight

If you went out for a night with your friends at a local tavern and you ended up getting injured because of a bar brawl that had broken out at the establishment, getting money to pay for your medical expenses is likely to be a concern. If you were not directly involved in the throwing of punches and were merely a bystander who had become hurt, pressing charges against the person who had injured you may have crossed your mind. Here are some tips you can use to improve the chances of winning a personal injury suit against someone who struck you during a bar fight.

Get Medical Assistance As Soon As Possible

It is important to get checked by a medical professional as soon as you realize you have been injured. Calling an ambulance to come to the scene is best, as it will help in proving that the incident had occurred on the premises of the bar and not at another establishment. Make sure to retain any documentation given to you on the scene or from the hospital you are taken to if you need to be treated in a medical facility.

Get Witnesses To Back Up Your Claims

Make sure you have statements from those who had witnessed the fight occur. Obtain phone numbers from your friends, the bartender, any wait staff, and other patrons so you can ask them exactly what they had seen happen leading up to and during the bar brawl. These people will be able to help prove who had been the one to strike you, causing you to suffer from the injuries you had endured from the incident.

Show That You Were Not Involved In The Fight

Often in bar brawls, several people are involved, making it difficult to prove who had been the one to throw a punch that had caused an injury. Showing that you were not involved in the events leading up to the brawl will help in proving your innocence in the entire matter. Ask the bartender to print up a receipt of the number of drinks you had consumed to help in showing you were not intoxicated during your stay. If you had eaten food, this will also be helpful in showing your blood alcohol content was not excessive. If you have pictures on your cell phone of your time at the bar, or if you have texts or chat messages showing you were busy during your stay, these can be helpful in proving you were not involved in the fighting that had taken place.

If you are serious about pursuing a personal injury suit to help pay for any medical expenses, be sure to reach out to a personal injury lawyer for help. A lawyer will be able to help you prove any important pieces of evidence.