On the Other Side of a Car Accident: What Happens When You Cause Personal Injury

When you hear about car accidents, a lot of the focus and news media is on the victims. The person who caused the accident is glazed over in a single comment. Not surprisingly, you do not hear about personal injury cases from the viewpoint of the person who caused the accident. If you have recently caused a car accident and personal injury to another, here is what happens with your side of the case.

Defending Yourself

The person suing you may be right, or may be wrong. It is really up to a judge to decide if you were at fault in this case or not. It may surprise you to learn that the persons who sue are just as often at fault as they are victims. It is up to you to choose to defend yourself, but do not do it without an auto accident attorney. Your attorney may see something in your case that shows you are not wholly at fault for the other driver's injuries.

Explaining Your View

Provide pictures of the area where the accident happened. The season and time of day also affects the accident. For instance, six p.m. in the northern hemisphere in August causes the sun's rays to blast your eyes and make seeing things ahead of you very difficult. Try as you might to block the sun from view so you can see better while driving does not always work. These are facts that can work to your advantage, if you and your lawyer know how to use them.

Additionally, include pictures of the damage to both cars. There are many odd angles in roads where cars can hit each other simultaneously because it is impossible to see each other until the last minute. Without a traffic light or stop sign present, accidents at these intersecting roads are quite common. Your lawyer can check public records for similar accidents at the intersection where your accident occurred.

Injuries You Incurred

Whether or not you were at fault, you should also reveal injuries you incurred. If your injuries were equal to, or greater than, the injuries of the person suing you, there is a very good chance that the judge might rule in your favor. He/she may also opt to cancel out the lawsuit and countersuit, noting that both of you were equally injured and incurred nearly equal damages on both of your vehicles.