Filing A Personal Injury Claim? Remember That Insurance Companies Are Powerful

When you are injured due to the negligent actions of another driver, you have every right to seek legal compensation. However, it's important for accident victims to keep in mind that the road won't necessarily be easy. Large insurance companies will do everything in their power to protect their finances, so be prepared.

Second Opinions

If your case is of high value, don't be surprised when the insurance company makes a request that you visit one of their approved physicians for a second opinion. Although you might not be required to continue your care with this provider, it is not unheard of for an insurance company to request an examination.

The problem doesn't arise with the evaluation itself, but it becomes a challenge when your provider and the insurance companies' provider have a diagnosis that differs from each other significantly. If the provider you select is unable to back up their claims with sufficient medical evidence, it could be hard to prove your injuries in court.


Large insurance companies may also choose to have you surveilled while your case is impending. Although this process feels like an infringement on your personal space and rights, it's typically legal.

As part of this process, the insurance company may look to try and find you engaging in an activity that you either claim you're unable to do or that goes against the prescribed orders outlined by your provider. For example, if the accident victim has suffered a severe back injury and is unable to work, but is able to take their child to the park to play, this would likely be problematic.

Claims Search

Insurance companies are also at liberty to investigate the claims history of any individuals who submit personal injury claims. As part of this search, the insurance company will research all insurance claims you have brought forward in the past. The goal of this process is to determine if the victim is someone who frequently makes claims.

A higher number of claims is sometimes frowned upon and may make an accident victim appear less trustworthy. In the event you made claims in the past, be prepared to ask any questions the insurance company may present about these situations.

These are just some of the techniques large insurance companies use to devalue personal injury claims. An attorney on your side, like one from Philpot Law Firm Pa, will fight on your behalf and ensure your rights are protected.