Three Things You Need To Do After An Accident Involving A Semi Truck

Though any vehicular accident is traumatizing, an incident involving a massive vehicle like a semi truck is especially harrowing. If you are involved in a vehicular crash with a truck, it is important to understand what steps you should take to ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to. Make sure to add the following tasks to your to-do list.

1. Avoid Accepting an Immediate Payout from the Insurance Company

The insurance company who represents the semi driver or the company that employs the semi driver may try to encourage you to take a speedy payout to compensate you for your injuries and damage to your personal property. However, do not make the mistake of accepting a settlement too quickly. It may take time to see exactly how the accident has impacted your life.

An accident involving such a large vehicle tends to cause soft muscle injuries, such as whiplash. You may not realize the extent of your injuries until you have attended multiple doctors appointments. If you have severe injuries, you may have to stay in the hospital for an extended period or even have multiple surgeries.

Some individuals experience mental anguish after such a severe accident. Make sure you understand exactly what treatment or therapy is necessary for your recovery so that you can make sure that any payout you receive will adequately cover your medical expenses.

2. Contact an Attorney with Experience Handling Accidents Involving Semi Trucks

Do not try to negotiate with the insurance company or the company who employs the semi driver on your own. Instead, hire an attorney with experience handling litigation for accidents involving semi trucks. A qualified attorney can build a strong case to help you get the compensation that you deserve. Your attorney will handle any negotiations with the insurance company so that you can focus on your recovery.

3. Preserve Any Evidence from the Crash

Evidence from the crash can help your attorney build a strong case against the semi driver or the company who employs the driver. Some items that you want to save are any photos or videos of the accident scene and photos of damage to your vehicle. If there are witnesses to the accident, check that you get their contact information.

Make sure to have your physicians thoroughly document what appointments are related to the accident. Some of the information your doctor should include is the extent of your injuries and what treatments you are using to get better. This can help you demonstrate the severity of your injuries.  Click here to learn more about your options.