Retaining a Skilled Hit and Run Lawyer After a Serious Car Accident

When the motorist who hits your car fails to stop and exchange information with you, you may think that you have to pay for your accident-related expenses on your own. After all, the other person sped away and did not provide you with any information about him or her. You have no way of knowing who is responsible for your injuries and car damages.

However, you may be able to find out and pursue legal action against this person by hiring an attorney to represent you. A hit-and-run lawyer has legal options for finding the responsible motorist and holding him or her accountable.

Subpoenaing Surveillance Video

When you retain a hit-and-run lawyer, you may be able to obtain any surveillance video that recorded what happened when the accident took place. Business and homeowners may not want to give you this video on their own. They may insist that you have a subpoena to acquire it from them.

Your hit and run lawyer can use his or her subpoena power to get that surveillance video from property owners near the site of the accident. This video can be enough to get a license plate number and find out the identity of the responsible motorist. Your hit and run lawyer can then take the necessary legal action against the driver to hold him or her accountable for your accident-related damages.

Getting Testimonies from Witnesses

A hit-and-run lawyer can also get testimonies from people who saw what happened. These people may not want to tell the police exactly what happened, especially if they know and are sympathetic to the responsible driver. They may purposely try to conceal that information from you.

However, your hit-and-run lawyer can put witnesses under oath or offer them the chance to give their testimonies anonymously. He or she can find out exactly what happened according to witnesses and learn the name and address of the responsible driver.

Finally, your hit-and-run lawyer can file a lawsuit against the responsible driver once he or she knows the driver's identity. Your attorney can make sure the insurer pays your damages, including accident-related medical bills and lost income.

A hit-and-run lawyer can assist you even if you do not know the other driver's identity. He or she can use subpoena powers to obtain evidence and take action against the driver. To learn more or file a case, contact a hit-and-run lawyer near you.