Car Accident Claim: Factors That Can Make You Receive A Low Settlement

A wrongdoer in a car crash should take responsibility for the injuries and damages incurred by the other parties. The compensation should cover all your current and future medical expenses and damages. Unfortunately, the insurer may offer you a lower payment than what you're entitled to. When this happens, you will want the assistance of an attorney to get justice. Here are factors that might make you receive an unacceptable settlement in your car accident claim.

Taking the Wrong Measures after the Collision

What you do or say after the collision can significantly impact the outcome of your lawsuit. For example, acting as though you haven't sustained injuries could signify that the accident did not cause you bodily harm. But keep in mind you could have internal injuries that might manifest later.

Apologizing to other accident victims is also a costly mistake that might make you lose the payment you deserve. They may claim that you made the statement because you were responsible for the incident.

Issuing implicating statements to the police and insurance agents can also impact your compensation negatively. The best way to avoid these mistakes is by watching what you say to other victims, witnesses, and investigators. It is also advisable to seek guidance from your legal advisor before saying anything to ensure that you only share accurate information.

Participating Partially or Wholly in the Collision

You could also get a lower payment if you played a part in the collision. In this case, the judge may reduce your payment by the percentage of your contribution. Therefore, you could lose a significant amount of cash if the at-fault party proves that you had a considerable contribution to the incident. Unfortunately, the wrongdoer might wrongly accuse you of causing the collision to avoid prosecution.

When this happens, hire a lawyer to handle the case for you. They can start by investigating the accident to determine the main culprit. They will want to prove that you are not at fault. And, if you had something to do with the crash, your lawyer can help to ensure that you only pay for your mistakes. Typically, they will gather evidence to prove your fault percentage.

The two factors above put you at risk of receiving a lower payment than your damages. However, if you reach out to work with an auto accident law firm—such as Labine Law Firm—you stand a better chance of getting higher compensation. They will ensure that the wrongdoer and their insurer will not do anything unlawful to reduce your payment.